Treatment Planning for Dental Implants Using the ITI SAC Classification System

Restoring missing teeth via dental implants has become the standard practice. However, in order to better predict excellent functional and esthetic outcomes the clinicians should be aware of the possible risks and complications of each clinical scenario.

The SAC classification system is based on categorizing implant cases into Straightforward, Advanced and Complex categories. Based on the category, predictability as well as possible complications can be assessed at the treatment planning stage. Additionally, this helps clinicians identify whether the complexity of the case is within the competency of their expertise.

A special attention will be dedicated to the Esthetic component of SAC classification. Implants in the esthetic zones have also become very common. However, they are more challenging for achieving unnoticeable results. It is important to know how each clinical parameter affects the esthetic outcome, and how each clinical scenario can be different from another. Therefore, the workshop will include the review of ERA Esthetic Risk Assessment tool and demonstrate how to apply it in everyday practice.

Learning objectives

  • To learn the criteria of SAC classification and how to apply it in clinical practice
  • To learn ERA tool and how to apply it in clinical scenarios
  • To learn how to simplify implant treatment planning for more predictable outcomes

Peter Merian-Weg 10
4052 Basel, Switzerland

ITI Congress North America | Miami Beach, USA May 5-7 2022 |

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