Srinivasan, Murali

Srinivasan, Murali

Zurich, Switzerland

School of Dental Medicine

Gerodontology and Removable prosthodontics

Dr. Murali Srinivasan is a specialist prosthodontist, who was in specialist private practice in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, before moving to Geneva, Switzerland. Currently, he holds the position of a Research and Teaching Fellow in the Division of Gerodontology and Removable Prosthodontics, University of Geneva in Switzerland. He graduated BDS (India) in 1996, MDS (India) in 2001, Dr. Med. Dent. (Switzerland) in 2015 and MAS (Switzerland) in 2016. He received his Swiss board certification in 2016.
Dr. Srinivasan was awarded the ITI scholarship by the International Team for Implantology foundation, Basel, Switzerland in 2011. He was later recognized as a Fellow of the ITI in 2013.
Dr. Srinivasan’s expertise in clinical dentistry and research revolve around prosthodontics with a special focus in implant dentistry, elderly geriatric patients and patients with special needs. His current research focus is on the use of CAD/CAM technology in removable prosthodontics and their applications in geriatric dentistry.

ITI International Team for Implantology
ITI Headquarters

Peter Merian-Weg 10
4052 Basel, Switzerland

ITI World Symposium | Singapore May 14-16 2020

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