The Singapore Story E002

Programm description

Discover Singapore through its vibrant and rich culture. First you will visit the Singapore City Gallery and witness a vivid showcase of Singapore’s urban planning that will give every visitor a good perspective as to how the city has developed from a fishing village to a world class clean and green city.

Next on the list are the different cultural precincts and witness the vast cultural variety within our small Country.

Little India – The charm of Little India lies in the fact that many of the olden-day trades can still be found by its roadsides and alleyways. Take a walk and you will find a treasure trove of decorative items, foodstuff, traditional Indian spices and apparel.

Chinatown – Each of the streets in Chinatown are built at right angles. The area is filled with speciality Chinese shops selling snack items, Chinese medicine and many more. Enter one of the Chinese Medicine Shops and get to know some of the unique ingredients and how they are used as medicine for healing.

Kampong Glam – The Charm of Kampong Glam not only lies with the treasure trove of handicrafts and trinkets, but also in the people. You will be greeted by friendly shop keepers who are ready to share their story and history of the unique products that they sell like carpets, lamps, fabrics and many more.

End the day with a leisurely cruise down the Singapore River aboard the bumboat (join-in basis)


Programm Highlights

  • Singapore River Cruise (join-in basis)
  • Conversations with shop owners and/or attendees in the different precincts



ITI International Team for Implantology
ITI Headquarters

Peter Merian-Weg 10
4052 Basel, Switzerland

ITI World Symposium | Singapore May 14-16 2020

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