The Montgomery Story: what happened to consent?


In Montgomery vs Lanarkshire Health Board the UK Supreme Court prescribed some strong medicine for medical professionals. Sam Montgomery was born in October 1998 and it was not until 2015 that his case was finally resolved. Until the decision in Montgomery 'informed consent' was something of a myth, mirage or modern fairy tale. The concept had never really changed the fundamental character of the relationship with patients. Medical paternalism was the accepted norm. Patients routinely acquiesced to interventions rather than autonomously authorising them. This presentation examines the decision of the Supreme Court in Montgomery and the change it has made to the professional relationship. The decision at last brought the UK into line with the guidance of the GMC and the law in other common law jurisdictions such as Australia and Canada. Patients are now recognised as persons having the right to receive information to enable them to make their own choices. Medical paternalism no longer rules. It is argued that recognition of the rights of patients does not require an adversarial relationship. Respecting the rights of patients can in fact serve to build and reinforce a relationship built on trust and can promote better care.

Aims & Learning Objectives:

  • understand the background of the Montgomery case and its significance to consent
  • understand how this case has changed the consent process and how this compares to consent in the rest of the world
  • by the end of this presentation delegates will have a better understanding of how to achieve appropriate consent for their patients

Achieving predictable excellence in the aesthetic zone: where are we now?

Aims & Learning Objectives:

  • become aware of the relative benefits of different approaches to managing dental implants in the aesthetic zone and the criteria required to use each approach
  • acquire an understanding of the literature supporting different approaches and in particular the longterm success of  contour augmentation
  • delegates will have seen clinical techniques and tips to help them to replicate the outcomes described in the presentation

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