Just as in any Danish city, Copenhagen is full of hygge. The meaning of hygge is about having a nice, cozy time and the best thing about hygge is that it is what you choose to put into it.

To enjoy the Danish lifestyle, try biking around as the Danes do, take a walk down the lakes and eat a Danish pastry. Aside from the top sights in the center, visit the alternative neighborhoods of Vesterbro where you will find the meatpacking district and the famous street Istedgade or stop by the multicultural Norrebro. Experience what the city has to offer by taking a boat ride through Christianshavn and take a colorful shot at Nyhavn.  

Copenhagen exudes Danish history and surrounds you with exciting architecture and design that includes both historic castles and modern masterpieces by some of the world's greatest Danish architects.

Don't miss out on the fine Nordic cuisine and walk down the shopping streets filled with international brands and authentic Danish design. Lastly, explore the rich and varied nightlife with spontaneous music venues, elegant cocktail bars, and nightclubs to have a blast in Copenhagen.

Getting around Copenhagen is easy. Jump on the bike or in the new metro ring, and you will always be close to delicious shopping, culinary experiences and some of Denmark's most iconic art and cultural institutions.

Copenhagen in September isn’t as hot as the previous three months, but temperatures are still mild to warm. You can expect some light summer showers, but you’ll be free from the autumn and winter winds and will be able to see a good deal of Scandinavian sunshine.

Denmark’s capital, on the east coast of the country, enjoys an oceanic climate. Inland temperatures are influenced by the nearby Baltic Sea and as the waters are mild at this time it helps to keep conditions in Copenhagen warm and comfortable.

Pack a warm layer for cooler days and a waterproof jacket too. Your trip to Denmark this month will see average rainfall of 60mm, with about 14 days getting rain. The mild weather in Copenhagen in September produces five hours of sunshine from 13 hours of daylight. The sun will rise at 6.30am and set just before 8pm. High temperatures could reach 17°C on the best days, with cloud cover making it feel a little cooler. The nights may be about 12°C. The water temperature drops from the summer highs to 15°C, on average, so it may be a little too chilly for a splash.

For more information on Copenhagen go to Visit Copenhagen

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