Dear Colleagues

Rapid evolution in implant dentistry is calling previous working methods and knowledge into question. Digitalization, development of regenerative surgery and material research in restorative dentistry represent a challenge for all clinicians and educational institutions. This evolution is so fast that not all treatment methods or materials reach the level of routine clinical use and sometimes the long-term scientific evidence proves to be weak. At the same time, our knowledge of implant-related complications and the limitations of implant therapy has grown. What can a clinician rely on?

The ITI has always relied on evidence-based medicine and this is borne out globally by Consensus Conferences, ITI Treatment Guides, the Online Academy and annual congresses. The Finnish ITI Congress, the largest implant dentistry continuing education event in Finland, offers a broad educational package from treatment planning to complications. Excellent speakers in the form of Christoph Hämmerle, Goran Benic, Daniel Buser, Vincent Fehmer and Pekka Vallittu guarantee the quality.

Be there!

Dr. Juhani Laine Dr. Tom C Lindholm
ITI Education Delegate,   
Chair Scientific Program
ITI Section Chairman