What is a Poken?

A Poken is an interactive USB stick. Think of it as a digital business card as well as a briefcase, which visitors use to collect your information and leave their details, via your Touchpoints. As an exhibitor at the ITI World Symposium 2017, at least one Poken Touchpoint is included in your exhibitor package. A Touchpoint is a small digital sticker, that contains the virtual links to all the information you would like your booth visitors to take away with them. Touchpoints need to be placed prominently in your booth, so they are easily seen by visitors. You can stick your touchpoint directly onto one of your display walls, or on the strategically placed marketing materials in your booth. DIN A4 stand-up placards with your marketing visuals can also be ordered for the booth. Visitors are all issued with a Poken interactive USB stick, which attaches to their lanyard. To access a touchpoint, visitors simply hold their Poken against the touchpoint and wait for the green glow. This means that the two devices have synchronized and a data exchange has taken place. They walk away with your information and in exchange, you receive their contact details. Following up leads has never been easier!

Touch to collect

Using your Poken Touchpoint, you can ensure visitors collect the information you would like them to have about your company, products and services. Via your Touchpoint, visitors collect files of up to 30 MB in a wide range of different formats. You can provide Word files and PDFs, as well as image files and links to videos and further information. The more Touchpoints you use, the more precisely you can share your information. Each time visitors touch their Poken to one of your Touchpoints, a record of what information they collected is recorded, along with their details. They can then go away and read it at their leisure by accessing their account on the Poken portal. The beauty of this approach is that you can continue to update the material stored on your touchpoints, even after the visitor has collected it, and be sure that your pro-spective customers will always have the latest version.

How to measure your success?

Instead of picking up business cards and noting email addresses or telephone numbers, let your Touchpoint do the work for you. Poken reports provide a detailed summary of all the Poken interactions at your booth, as well as what company and marketing materials have been collected and downloaded by visitors. This gives you precise insight into who visited your booth and what was important to them. By investing in more touchpoints, you can divide your information by product or service, or according to other marketing-driven criteria, to generate more detailed reports and richer market insight.

Green is good

Environmental considerations are an important aspect of life today. By using one or more touchpoints in your booth, not only are you minimizing your environmental foot print, but you can cut your costs for print publications and transport. Instead of providing flyers and brochures that are expensive and may need to be updated within a short time, you offer your visitors a source of current information that you can update digitally as it changes. Not only do you need fewer staff on hand, but you also make a contribution to the environment.

Click here to download a brief presentation to help you better understand the Poken technology or visit www.poken.com for more examples.

If you have any questions regarding the implementation of Poken in your exhibition booth, please contact iti@poken.com.