Keynote Speaker

Prof. Kevin Warwick

Pioneer in Robot technics | Professor of Cybernetics

Kevin Warwick from the UK is a leading cybernetics researcher at the University of Coventry, working in artificial intelligence, robots & cyborgs. In 1998, he garnered worldwide recognition as the first human to implant a computer chip in his own arm.

Cyborg & Robots with Brains – The Future of Healthcare?

Thursday, May 4, 2017 | 13:00 | Plenary Hall Messe Basel

What is the future of healthcare? Two pills three times a day or a regular upgrade to bring us back into balance? Kevin Warwick explores the boundaries of what is possible both for integrating biological cells into robots as well as linking humans to a computer interface. In his keynote address he will talk about the status of his research and its potential implications for our future.