Today’s state-of-the-art keys when choosing materials  

  Moderator: Gerhard Wahl (GER)  
08:15 Long-term success of orthopedic implants Christian Gerber (SUI)
08:45 Characteristics of prosthetic materials Irena Sailer (SUI)
09:15 Zirconia, the implant material of the future? Stefan Röhling (SUI)
09:45 Panel discussion  
10:00 Coffee break  

Breakout sessions:

① Esthetic implant treatment (with simultaneous translation)
② The young professionals program
③ Treating edentulous patient
④ Efficient treatment protocols
⑤ Managing challenging cases
⑥ Ridge augmentation procedures

12:55 Lunch break  
14:15 History of the ITI Thomas Straumann (SUI),
Daniel Buser (SUI)

Today’s state-of-the-art keys when placing implants in the esthetic zone  

  Moderator: Urs Belser (SUI)  
14:45 Pre-treatment analysis to maximize the longevity of treatment outcomes in the esthetic zone William Martin (USA)
15:15 Surgical enhancement of the soft tissue profile Eduardo Lorenzana (USA)
15:45 Coffee break  

Keys to going digital 

  Moderator: Christoph Hammerle (SUI)  
16:30 Digital surgical planning Ali Tahmaseb (NED)
17:00 CAD CAM in prosthodontics

Ronald Jung (SUI)

17:30 Digital aspects of edentulous cases

Steven Eckert (USA)

18:00 Digital aspects of bone augmentation Oliver Blume (GER)

Panel discussion

18:45 End of day 2  
19:30 Symposium Party presented by Straumann  


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