① Esthetic implant treatment (with simultaneous translation)


Moderator: Bjarni Pjetursson (ISL)  

Esthetic risk assessment for predictable success

Sophocles Voyiazis (CYP)
10:55 10 factors for esthetic zone success with immediate implant placement Robert Levine (USA)
11:10 Implant placement in the esthetic zone Yucheng Su (CHN)

Interdisciplinary esthetic approach

Diego Bechelli (ARG)
11:40 Tissue level implants in the esthetic zone with less than 3-wall bone defects Shakeel Shahdad (GBR)
11:55 Esthetic contour augmentation with early implant placement Lian-Ping Mau (TWN)
12:10 Monolithic vs. veneered implant reconstructions Vincen Fehmer (SUI)
12:25 Causative factors in peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis in the esthetic zone Marzella Mega Lestari (INA)
12:40 Attached mucosa: to maintain peri-implant tissue health Anton Sculean (SUI)

② The young professionals program


Moderator: Bo Chen (CHN)  
10:40 Sustainable results for single implant restoration in the esthetic zone Yeliz Cavusoglu (TUR)
10:55 Advances in guided implant surgery: the key to unlocking your digital potential Adam Hamilton (USA)
11:10 Surface decontamination: is there a master key? Luiz Gonzaga (USA)
11:25 Are white dental implants the future? Simone Janner (SUI)
11:40 3D techniques for planning and restoration of implants Wiebe Derksen (NED)
11:55 When to choose titanium vs. zirconia abutments Anja Zembic (SUI)
12:10 Predictable regeneration in the esthetic zone Lira Rahman (SUI)
12:25 Minimizing excess cement and maximizing peri-implant soft tissue health Robert Santosa (AUS)


Influential factors during implant surgery Ryo Jimbo (SWE)

③ Treating edentulous patients

  Moderator: Anthony Dawson (AUS)  
10:40 Full-arch fixed implant restorations Nikitas Sykaras (GRE)
10:55 Prosthetics for edentulous patients Alejandro Treviño Santos (MEX)
11:10 The treatment of the edentulous patient using tilted implants Sergio Piano (ITA)

Digital keys for implant-overdenture success

Hakan Bilhan (GER)
11:40 Key elements in maxillary rehabilitation via implant-retained overdentures Yiqun Wu (CHN)
11:55 CAD CAM prostheses Antoine Rimmer (FRA)
12:10 Reducing invasiveness in the atrophic maxilla Leandro Soeiro Nunes (BRA)
12:25 Managing diabetes patients Morten Grauballe (DEN)
12:40 Implant site development with cellular allografts Brad McAllister (GBR)

④ Efficient treatment protocols

  Moderator: Nicola Zitzmann (SUI)  
10:40 Digital workflow from a biological perspective France Lambert (BEL)
10:55 Long-term treatment success with cone beam CT Ibrahim Nasseh (LIB)
11:10 Key factors in computer-aided planning for bone reconstructions and implants Sascha Virnik (AUT)
11:25 Digital planning for computer-guided implant surgery Alejandro Lanis (CHI)
11:40 Implant restorations: can we leave the cast restoration behind? Christopher Evans (AUS)
11:55 Orthodontics: a tool to improve treatment planning and implant therapy Ferruccio Torsello (ITA)
12:10 Peri-implant crestal bone preservation Juan Blanco Carrión (ESP)
12:25 Hygienic design of fixed implant-supported prostheses Charlotte Stilwell (GBR)
12:40 Implant maintenance for dental implant longevity Wah Ching Tan (SIN)

⑤ Managing challenging cases

  Moderator: Urs Brägger (SUI)  
10:40 Success of short implants Ricardo Faria Almeida (POR)
10:55 Is the crown-to-implant ratio a factor in the success of short implants? Avish Jagathpal (RSA)
11:10 Esthetic success with reduced diameter implants Chatchai Kunavisarut (THA)
11:25 The decision-making process: bone augmentation or reduced implant dimensions? Bilal Al Nawas (GER)
11:40 Determining the true cost of failure Majd Al Mardini (CAN)
11:55 Treatment planning - advantages (and pitfalls) of digital technologies in implant dentistry Timo Suojärvi (FIN)
12:10 Long-term success in bone augmentation with autologous mesenchymal stem cells Cecilie Gjerde (NOR)
12:25 Different implant-abutment designs and their effect on the alveolar crestal bone Santiago Caram (ARG)
12:40 Soft tissue management around dental implants for long-term stability Haakon Kuit (NED)

⑥ Ridge augmentation procedures

  Moderator: Paul van Zyl (ZAR)  
10:40 Ridge preservation with an open-healing approach Jung-Chul Park (KOR)
10:55 Bioactivation of biomaterials for GBR: the role of autogenous
bone chips
Jordi Caballé Serrano (ESP)
11:10 Implant-based dental rehabilitation in free-flap reconstructed jaws Vinay V. Kumar (IND)
11:25 Predictable results in staged bone grafts Waldemar Polido (BRA)
11:40 Total alveolar process reconstruction Torsten Reichert (GER)
11:55 Long-term success in augmentation procedures Karl Andreas Schlegel (GER)
12:10 The novel technique of minimally invasive GBR with d-PTFE membrane and biologics Eiji Funakoshi (JPN)
12:25 The role of resorbable and non-resorbable membranes in different GBR settings: treatment of post-extraction and healed alveolar defects

Péter Windisch (HUN)

12:40 Is the use of growth factors and stem cells a key to long-term success? Merete Aaboe (DEN)

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