Be there!

In early May 2017, the ITI will be welcoming practitioners of implant dentistry from all over the world to participate in the field's most important event of the year: the ITI World Symposium 2017.

With its umbrella theme 'Key factors for long-term success', the ITI is referencing its dedication to evidence-based science that it has continuously applied since the organization was established in 1980. New and emerging methodologies and technologies form the focus of this World Symposium and key opinion leaders from all over the world have been invited to make presentations.

The ITI World Symposium regularly draws large audiences, among them a large proportion of the organization's 15,000-strong membership as well as non-affiliated practitioners who take advantage of the ITI's extensive pool of knowledge and experience.

The last ITI World Symposium in Geneva in 2014 drew an audience of more than 4,000. For the event in 2017, we anticipate attendance of over 4,200. The newly reconfigured congress center in Basel offers an outstanding infrastructure for both participants and exhibitors. Basel is a city of particular charm that is very easy to get around and enjoy on foot. It is also strategically positioned at the borders of Switzerland, Germany and France, making it easy to access and a perfect point of departure for further explorations of Europe.

Do not miss this chance to reach out to your customers and take advantage of a tailor-made opportunity to open up a dialog with them.

Click here to download the Exhibition Brochure.